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ppsrcheck.com.au is solely dedicated to the latest developments, news and information on PPSR. This site will assist Australian consumers and businesses prepare for the introduction of PPSR. Click for more details.

ppsrcheck.com.au is a business division of Veda, Australia’s leading provider of business intelligence with credit files for more than 16.5 million credit-active Australians.

About PPSR

The date of the introduction of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is targeted to be 30 January 2012 but could be an even later date.When the PPSR is launched, there will be one national PPS law, practice and register for secured financing involving personal property. Find out more about how this reform will effect you.

Searching for motor vehicles?

Are you buying a used car? Get the full history of the vehicle from carhistory.com.au including if there is any money owing (a REVS check), if it has been written-off or stolen.

Searching about companies

Are you wanting to confirm the registration of a company and its status using a company name, ABN or ACN?

Buy better, buy safer

I returned the bike to the dealer with the veda cert and got my money back. Thank you very much.
Satisfied my enquiry promptly and efficiently with minimal cost. Thank you.
The report simply confirmed what the private seller/repairer had told me. It is an excellent buy.
As a former police officer I have dealt with too many people who have been ripped off. A service like yours offers information that I was able to use to protect myself.
I think the pricing was good especially for the amount of important information given
I found out that the car I was about to buy had been brought up from Victoria having been written off.
Excellent resource. Given the average cost of a car it's a small fee to pay for vital information.
The Car History Report revealed the car had been written off 3 weeks earlier
It saved me $9,500 after the seller denied (forgot) to tell me it was a repairable write off.
I found the Car History report comprehensive.
If I buy a motor vehicle, what do I have to do?

REVS is being replaced in January 2012. Find our more.

The Personal Property Security Register is Coming

What does it mean for you? Find our more.

toyota hybrid 90x70
Cash for Clunkers from Labor.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard promises a $2000 rebate for updating your old car.

CarHistory stacked small 90x70
Media Release: Vehicle fraud haunts used car buyers

Consumer survey says knowing a car's hidden history is critical.

Streamlining securities management

PPSR will replace around 70 state and territory based registers.

I run a small business. What’s in it for me?

What does the introduction of PPSR mean for small business owners?

More About PPSR

The new Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) due to go live 30 January 2012 brings fundamental change to the way you manage your credit and security interests. The reform will bring short-term disruption, but it will also help you reduce risk and protect your business. Veda's PPSR solution gives you tools to help accurately register security interests in collateral. Disclaimer: www.veda.com.au/ppsr-disclaimer.